Aligned is building a suite of products and services aimed to empower the growing decentralized financial movement spanning high performance computing, mining, staking and liquidity provisioning while supporting decentralization with immutable, full-stack infrastructure for DeFi.

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Aligned is bridging the gaps in DeFi

Aligned is creating innovative infrastructure to help grow and expand the reach of decentralized finance for institutions.

Mining & High Performance Computing

Aligned has built proprietary, state of the art hardware, designed for the demands of the growing decentralized future. Faster, more efficient, and purpose built, Aligned has teamed up with world class technology leaders to create the hardware infrastructure the industry desperately needs.


With the explosive growth we continue to see in Proof of Stake blockchain technology, the demand for staking and validators is increasing, exponentially. Aligned's staking infrastructure positions us as a technological leader in helping organizations maximize the return on their investments by securely generating cash flows from staking digital assets.

Liquidity Provisioning

Liquidity is the lifeblood of decentralized finance and a necessity to a better DeFi experience for users. We work with industry leading DAOs and projects, strategically deploying liquidity, enabling new decentralized applications to accelerate their efforts.

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